Web-Based Telemedicine App for Remote Care

Available Saturdays 8 AM-12 Noon (TeleVET only)

TeleVET is currently only available for existing clients. We offer a Telemedicine App for your smartphone for easy medical access and guidance. TeleVET is great for “contactless consults” and for those times when it is difficult or uncomfortable for you to bring your pet in.   You can have a video chat with your doctor who can diagnose and treat a pet remotely.

Now you don’t have to download an app to request a consultation. Just click the link to “Request a TeleVet Virtual Consultation” to begin. You will then be able to easily request consultations, send messages and complete video calls from a web browser, tablet, or mobile browser.

The Pet Owner creates a new consultation, including a written summary with pictures and/or videos. Payment is submitted with the case.

The Vet Tech or Vet on call receives the consultation details online, creates a diagnosis and treatment plan to submit to the patient electronically, and then conducts a video conference if needed.

Great for post-surgical and drop-off patients

TeleVET is also the way we are now following up after surgical procedures.  While there is a charge for a TeleVET appointment, we do not charge you for a TeleVET follow-up/consult after a procedure.

Please watch the video below where Bria will tell you more about how to schedule your TeleVET appointment after surgery, how the process works and what it allows you to do, including sending pictures after surgery as well as an optional video call if needed in the following days.

Save Time and Money

Use TeleVet to quickly and efficiently get medical guidance directly from an expert at PHAH through your mobile device.

Upload Media Files

Upload pictures and videos to your PHAH TeleVet session directly from your smartphone to give your veterinarian a more detailed look at your pet.

Video Conference and Instant Message

Get more detailed care from PHAH by scheduling a video conference appointment to chat one-on-one, or to exchange instant messages.

Medical Records

View medical records from your PHAH TeleVet sessions on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere.


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Veterinarian consulting on a telemedicine call

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