Sometimes you may have questions for the Vet.   Or you may feel fairly certain you know what the issue is (for example, a recurring problem like a UTI in an older pet).  You don’t necessarily want to load your pet up and come in for an in-hospital consult.   TeleVET is a great option for PHAH clients and patients.

TeleVET is our web-based telemedicine app available without a dowload.  Just go to our homepage and request a TeleVET Virtual Consultation at the right side of the home screen. You will be charged $65.50, which is refunded if, after your consult, you then choose to come in.  You can talk to a doctor by phone or by laptop.  You can upload photos or have a live feed of your pet so the doctor can see.    It saves time, stress and hassle and allows for faster response.

Just go to our homepage ( and look for the TeleVET widgets on the right side of the screen.

TeleVET is great for “contactless consults” and for those times when it is difficult or uncomfortable for you to bring your pet in:

  • Follow-up after surgery
  • Check-in on an ongoing or recurring Issue
  • Question/discussion with a doctor for when you are not sure if you need to come in
  • Video chat with your doctor who can diagnose and treat a pet remotely
  • Hospice check-In

How it Works

Now you don’t have to download an app to request a consultation.  You can request a TeleVET consult or request a medication or food order refill right off our website homepage.  You will then be able to easily request consultations, send messages and complete video calls from a web browser, tablet, or mobile browser.

The Pet Owner creates a new consultation, including a written summary with pictures and/or videos. Payment is submitted with the case.

The Vet Tech or Vet on call receives the consultation details online.  They will then review your pet’s patient file and reach back out to you through TeleVET to discuss your pet’s condition.   From there they can schedule a video call or phone call if needed.