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In-Person and Drop-off Exams

We are now seeing patients in our office (one human patient per pet).  Or, if you have trouble arriving during our office hours, you can schedule a drop-off appointment.

Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm
Saturday, 8am-12noon for TeleVET appointments only
Sunday, CLOSED

To schedule an appointment for in-person or drop-off exams, you have three options:

  • Call us at 404.812.9880.
  • Click to SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS ONLINE via Next in Line, or
  • Email with your appointment request and pet’s issue using this form:

Curbside Virtual Exams via ZOOM technology

We had success during COVID with this style exam and we have continued to offer them as an option for those who do not wish to come in but want to be “virtually” in the room with a doctor.  You drop off your pet and then connect into the exam room to talk to your pet’s doctor via a link on Zoom.  More on how it works below.

You can schedule virtual appointments by:

  • Click on Next in Line, our scheduling app, or
  • Call us at 404.812.9880

These are the preferred methods over emailing. If you do email us, due to the high number of emails we receive on a daily basis, please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.

This is Breia with a quick introductory video on a new tool to keep everyone safe, the VIRTUAL EXAM ROOM.

Please note: Please bring your pet in a crate or on a leash for easy transition. We want to keep your outside time limited and we do not want pets to get loose, since we are on a busy street. There is simply too much room for trouble if our nurses are having to wrestle your animal out from your car. So we greatly appreciate your help with this process!

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