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Important Update (June 30, 2020): In-Person Exams Are Temporarily Suspended

Due to the high volume of COVID cases reported in Georgia, and with an abundance of caution for our patients and our staff, we are temporarily suspending the in-person exam option. The measures we have taken over the last few months are still in place, and as soon as we deem it safe to do so, we will bring back the in-person exams. We will reach out to you if you have an in-person exam currently scheduled, but please know that we will not be scheduling any new in-person exams until further notice.

By partnering together, we can resume our normal hospital operating procedures safely and sooner. We thank you for your understanding and your participation as we navigate this together!

Virtual Exams and Curbside Service - How it Works

We have instituted a new method of care during this period of social distancing--virtual exam rooms. This will allow you, via a live-stream video, to be "virtually" in the room with us while we examine your pet. Look for an email from us before your appointment with your link to a zoom conference. This will allow us to talk and you can see us in the exam room.

With virtual or curbside appointments, just pull up and if a PHAH staff member does not come to your car within a couple of minutes, PLEASE CALL THE FRONT DESK at 404.812.9880 right away to let us know you are here.

Schedule Virtual Appointments using the Next-in-Line button on our Homepage

You can schedule virtual appointments here via Next in Line, our scheduling app button at the top of our homepage, or call 404.812.9880 to schedule appointments or ask general pet questions.

This is the preferred method over emailing. If you do email us, due to the high number of emails we receive on a daily basis, please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response. And please note that in-person exams must be scheduled through the front desk at 404.812.9880.

PHAH TeleVET Remote Pet Care App for your Smart Phone.

We are doing many "contactless consults" with TeleVET, our telemedicine app. We encourage everyone to download the app and have it at the ready should you need to use it. Note: We will soon be using this telemedicine app to follow up on all surgical procedures, as it is much less stressful for your pet. We are the last people your pet wants to see the week following a procedure, but we can accomplish the same level of check-up using photos and video feed. Win-win!

To schedule a TeleVET visit, click here.

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital is Open and Designated Essential

(March 24, 2020) Last night, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced that she has signed a 14-day stay at home order for the city of Atlanta. We want you to know that per this order, veterinary care is considered an essential business. Therefore, we will remain open with the same operating hours.

In this order it states that you may: Engage in activities essential to the health and safety of pets in your household or another’s, including visiting a health care professional and obtaining medical supplies and food.

While it is allowed for you to come to our office to pick up meds, know that we can also deliver if needed.

Here’s what you need to know about PHAH:

  • We are open and operating normal business hours
  • We are running telemedicine all day via TeleVET
  • We can deliver food and medications to you if you need
  • We have split our staff into two separate teams which work on different days
  • Doctors are working slightly different schedules but we will do our best to get you seen by your preferred doctor.

ATLANTA - There is a frightening new twist in the opioid epidemic.
by: Tom Regan Updated: Feb 21, 2017 - 6:03 PM
© 2017 Cox Media Group.

With doctors more skeptical of prescribing pain medication, Channel 2’s Tom Regan discovered some addicts are abusing their pets to score drugs.

"We're trained to look for signs of abuse," Buckhead veterinarian Dr. Duffy Jones said.

Jones said he and his staff members at Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital take a critical look at injured dogs and, increasingly, at the behavior of their owners.

"Looking for these types of behaviors where injuries to pets don't really match up with how the owner describes what happened," Jones said.

"We are very careful about that drug. Where we dispense it, why we're dispensing it and how often people can refill it,” Jones said.

Tramadol is used to treat moderate to severe pain in humans and pets.

Woman confesses to cutting dog
In a raid near Portland, Oregon, last year, authorities seized 100,000 Tramadol pills and rescued over a dozen dogs that were living in squalor. Police suspect those involved may have been distributing the drug.

In Elizabethtown, Kentucky, police arrested Heather Pereria for maiming her dog to score Tramadol from animal hospitals.

"Heather had taken her dog to various places trying to get pain medication for the dog," Virgil Willoughby, with the Elizabethtown Police Department, told Regan.

Willoughby said Pereira went "doggie doctor shopping" after slicing her golden retriever, Alice, with a double-edged razor.

Vets at one animal hospital gave her Tramadol for the dog. Then she returned days later claiming her child had thrown the pills in the toilet, but police say Pereira has no children.

"So they gave an additional x number of pills and she leaves," Willoughby said.

But this wasn't the first time Pereira showed up with cuts on Alice. An alert vet at the hospital noticed the injury was nearly identical to two other wounds the dog had suffered weeks earlier. That's when the vet called police.

Regan acquired a videotaped interrogation of Pereira by police. At first, Pereira only admitted to cutting her dog one time.

"Heather, I just want to know how your dog really got hurt. I know it was deliberate. The cuts are pretty much artificially made," one police investigator asked.

"The one today, I swear on my family's life, I did not do that today," Pereira said.

Another investigator pressed Pereira for an explanation.

"How could you cut that dog?" the investigator asked.

"I feel like (expletive) for it," Pereira tearfully answered.

"But you got away with it. You got your Tramadol. Then you cut it again. Then you're looking for some more," the investigator continued.

After repeatedly denying the other two razor cuts, she confessed.

"I done them," Pereira said.

"With the same razor?" the investigator asked.

"Different razors. They were clean but I threw them away afterward," Pereira said while crying.

"Are you hooked on that stuff that bad?" asked the officer.

"I am but I'm not," Pereira said.

Following her confession, Pereria pleaded guilty to fraud and animal torture charges. She was sentenced to four years in prison. She has since been released.

Her dog, Alice, fully recovered from the injuries and now has a new owner.

"Someone at E-town Hospital adopted the pet, and (Alice) is living happily on a 10-acre farm," Willoughby told Regan.

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