Our myPetLink system allows you to view all of your pet’s medical records, request appointments online, manage prescription refills, access a library of medial articles and “how-to” videos for pet care, and download a phone app, among many other useful tools. Enjoy!



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Request A Refill

If you want to text us your prescription refill request at 404-812-9880

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital is proud to offer at-home delivery of your pet’s prescriptions. By clicking on the myPetLINK icon, you may take advantage of the convenience of having your pet’s prescription delivered right to your door. Using this service also allows our hospital to keep your pet’s full prescription history at our fingertips, so that we may provide your pet with the best possible care.

Notice about PHAH writing prescriptions filled through another pharmacy online

If you choose to purchase products on another online pharmacy that is not ours/not affiliated with us, our hospital is happy to write prescriptions that can be filled over the internet.  However, we have found that these prescriptions sometimes get transposed or filled incorrectly when we respond to faxes from these internet companies.

Therefore, to ensure that your pet gets the correct prescription, we are more than happy to write you a prescription so that you can then send an original to these companies. By writing the prescription through our computer system on tamper-proof paper, it ensures that we have a record of the prescription, and by sending it directly to you, it means that you have an original copy for your own records. You can either pick up your prescription in person or we can mail it to your address.

Below is an article written by the FDA that we ask you to read. Our hospital policy of only providing written prescriptions is to ensure, to the best of our abilities, that the prescriptions are correct and to protect against fraudulent prescriptions.

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital Vet Pharmacy

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital Vet Pharmacy


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