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Testimonials from Patients Like You

We recently added a patient survey to our check-out practice. It is completely optional and anonymous. We were blown away by the number of responses and even more so by what you had to say. It is humbling and very much appreciated when you get kudos like these. Please know we want to hear your feedback, even it is not as glowing as this. We want to do everything in our power to provide you with the best possible experience.

  • “Dr. Jones and his staff are very knowledgeable, compassionate and professional. They are always available to answer a question. The office is very clean and inviting. I would not trust my pet’s care to anyone else.”
  • “Susanna and J.R. welcomed us with a huge smile as always. We did not have to wait at all. I have always been able to get either my first or second choice for an appointment. It has never been an issue to get in.”
  • “Sharon Nath is not only a fantastic doctor who is dedicated to her practice, she is one of the loveliest human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing. I am beyond grateful that our paths have crossed.”
  • “Duffy always does a ‘behavior’ consultation based on some issues I had a few years ago. This is much appreciated! A lot of DVMs do not even address behavior unless it is brought up by a client.”
  • “Everyone was very polite and friendly.”
  • “My experience with your facility and your care for (our pet) is so good.”
  • “I am always happy with the care and kindness we receive from your office and providers. I wish people doctors could be so good!”
  • “Keep it up. You are doing a fantastic job in every area I can think of.”
  • “Dr. Rogers and team made follow up phone calls to make sure our dog was doing well after her procedure. Very thoughtful and caring!!!”
  • “Dr. Nath is phenomenal. She is the epitome of care and compassion. I very much appreciate her knowledge and treatment plan.”
  • “I have yet to meet anyone unfriendly or unprofessional at PHAH. Rebecca at reception is especially great but everyone is always helpful and polite on the phone and in person. They really go above and beyond to make sure my concerns are addressed…and they always remember my pet’s names!”
  • “Dr. Rittle is the best. She is so gentle and patient with my rabbits, and takes great care of them. She is also incredibly understanding when emergencies come up, and always tries to work us into her schedule, even last minute. The vet tech are always good too. At our last visit our vet tech was Josh, who was especially kind and handled my rabbits with extra care.”
  • “I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else!”
  • “Big thank you to Dr. Jones and Logan. My experience with this clinic is far superior to those with past vets. Thank for taking the time to thoroughly assess my dog and explain to me what is going on and what each recommended medicine is for.”
  • “Thank you for treating my dog like a pet and beloved family member, not just an animal. Thank you for following up with me and answering my questions patiently and intelligently. Thank you! Thank you!’
  • “Everyone was so sweet and kind to my dog. Dr. Weyl was so patient and reassuring when I asked her a million questions. I’m a little bit of a nervous pet parent and she made me feel very comfortable!”
  • “I love the communication from PHAH. I always feel the staff care about my babies!”
  • “It was great to know the doctors had studied my pet’s history and that I didn’t have to repeat everything. Also, whatever I tell the techs they relay to the doctors so again, I do not have to repeat myself. GREAT SERVICE!”
  • “Duffy trusts my instincts and relationship with my cats -- I feel respected.”
  • “My cats get treated better than I do at my own appointments.”
  • “I can’t tell you what a relief it is that Dr. Rittle keeps her lines of communication open during the weekend, so whenever something comes up I know I can get guidance that way.”
  • “I called Dr. Weyl and left a voicemail and she quickly returned my call and answered all of my questions.  She explained how careful they are with each patient during surgery. She made me feel so much better!”
  • “We are new dog owners and new to PHAH and are very impressed! We would highly recommend (actually already have!) this practice!!!”
  • “You guys are the best!!! We love every visit and have received wonderful care from Dr. Weyl through a serious illness as well as routine visits. Love everyone on the staff.”
  • “Keep it up! Doing a great job!”
  • “I can’t imagine how your care of my dog and ME could be better!”
  • “Could not have done anything better. Fantastic job!”
  • “Always nice to get a follow up call after your pet has been ill.”
  • “I don’t think there is anything that could make PHAH better than it already is!”
  • “I’ve never had to leave a message because someone always answers the phone and provides me with a response, even if they have to put me on hold and go ask a vet.”
  • “I don’t know what I would do without you all! I brag to everyone I know about how much I love PHAH!”
  • “Cheerful ambiance.”
  • “PHAH is perfect. Keep up the great work!!”
  • “My expectations have consistently been exceeded. Your entire team shows tremendous empathy for pets and their people.”
  • “You guys are the best!”
  • “Everyone at PHAH goes above and beyond - cheerful and genuinely happy to see our little (pet) every time she comes in.”
  • “We love Dr. Keri! And the staff! Always so nice to us and our “children”. Very caring and attentive. And helpful.”
  • “I have always had great service, pet care and follow up.”
  • “I am thrilled with PHAH. I have been impressed with all aspects.”
  • “We are ALWAYS accommodated at PHAH.”
  • “You guys are the best!!! We love every visit and have received wonderful care from Dr. Weyl through a serious illness as well as routine visits. Love everyone on the staff.”
  • “Front desk staff is always pleasant and very helpful.”
  • “The doctors always listen to your concerns, address all of your questions and never make you feel rushed.”
  • “We look forward to building a long relationship with Dr. Rogers. Very happy with the treatment so far, love the fast and thorough response by phone and email.”
  • “Your medical staff is amazing!”
  • “Cat treats for the feline patients after their visit.”
  • “Ya’ll are always wonderful to me and (my pet). Thank you for everything.”
  • “The facilities are nice, but it is the staff that really shines.”
  • “Keep doing what you are doing.”
  • “Jessica is great.”
  • “Staff is friendly and welcoming upon arrival. No wait time, fantastic.”
  • “Check out extremely efficient.”
  • “Will recommend to all my pet-loving friends.”
  • “You make improvement before I can even think of them!”
  • “I’m happy I’ve switched to your place.”
  • “The biggest KUDOS I can give PHAH is to state that our (dear pet) - a major character - is alive, happy and healthy.” “My household seems to bring unusual challenges that require a vet who is highly competent yet open to intuitive solutions. I am most happy with my PHAH experience.”
  • “I know my feline family is in superb care.”
  • “It was (my pet’s) first time meeting Dr. Rittle and she treated him with such kindness and concern.“ “The entire staff was helpful and wonderful and the assistant was (as she always is) kind and helpful. I wouldn’t trust him in anyone else’s hands!”
  • “The lady answering the phone was delightful.” “The lady at the front desk was wonderful. Vet tech and Dr. Duffy were over the top great! You are our vet for life.”
  • “It was really nice to have some of the vet staff wait and talk to me while waiting on the doctor.”
  • “Dr. Jones is an amazing doctor. He cares for animas with such compassion. I have never met someone with so much knowledge.  He is more about wellness than just addressing issues after the animal is sick. He wants to prevent illness.”
  • “Being able to check out in the rooms is fantastic.”
  • “The level of care and concern for the animals is second to none.”
  • “Always very thorough and helpful. Customer service is superb.”
  • “I love the communication from PHAH! We received an email right away with Dr. Weyl’s findings and the very next day when the labs came back Dr. Weyl called with a detailed message.”
  • “I’m in sales/service myself and you guys created a ‘wow’ experience by the quick follow up.”
  • “Follow up after visits is a service rarely seen.”
  • “The use of technology for follow up is fantastic.”
  • “PHAH is a top notch animal hospital and I love how it is run like a business.”
  • “Loyal employees who would stay through Snowmaggedon.”
  • “We are always greeted with a big HELLO and eye contact.”
  • “Can’t imagine how you could improve. YOU ARE TOPS!”

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