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cat with water bottlePeachtree Hills Animal Hospital was a dream of mine for many years, which finally came to fruition in 2005. My goal was to practice high-quality medicine very close to home. I wanted to practice in the way I knew to best for both owners and pets. I did not want to be beholden to a corporate policy that encourages a "production" mentality with profit quotas and corporate rules and red tape.

My intention was and is to provide personalized and superior medical care while allowing a healthy work/family balance for our employees.

Our philosophy here at Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital takes a slightly different approach than many other hospitals. We believe that our focus should not be totally on the animal, but on what the owners are experiencing as well. The diagnosis and treatment of animals is a critical part of our job, but we must also thoroughly explain disease, treatments, and possible outcomes to you, the owner.

We are here to serve you with care, concern and honesty. However, we are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience at our hospital, so I encourage you to give us your feedback.

Thank you for your trust in us!

Dr. Duffy Jones

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