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COVID Response Plan

Working Smart to Keep You Safe

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital continues to remain open with current operating hours still in place. Our new procedures are working well. We have supplies in-stock and a new shipment of food. We are here for you and we offer:

  1. Remote Care via our TeleVET telemedicine app. Click the TeleVET button at the top of our website for instructions on getting the app and using this service. This has been a game-changer and is working out so well for both sides!
  2. Curbside Service with drop-off and pick-up outside the building. Call us when you pull up or call us at 404.812.9880.  So far, all the pets are loving it and we are getting everyone seen in an effective manner.

Know that we are temporarily able to triage in the former Sherwin Williams parking lot adjacent to our Early Street entrance. Thank you, clients, for helping us so that we can be attentive to emergencies as well as preventative exams.

PeachTree Hills Animal Hospital

CDC-COMPLIANT SAFETY measures. We have been preparing for this type scenario for a while. Part of our overarching cleanliness and health safety plan includes:

  • We have two small and separated lobbies
  • We have isolated waiting/exam rooms
  • We maintain a medical-grade cleaning schedule, sanitizing treatment areas as well as waiting rooms and common area touch points after every visit
  • We are following recommended precautions listed on the Center for Disease Control website

For info on COVID-19 from the American Veterinary Medical Association, go to:

For FAQs on COVID-19 from the CDD go to:

For updates on COVID-19 from the World Health Organization go to:

Latest Guidelines from the CDC for Pet Owners

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just updated a section on their website that addresses coping with daily life if you have pets: Daily Life with Pets and COVID-19. Further information on the CDC’s website that you may find helpful is below:

FAQs for Pet Owners: COVID-19 and Animals
CDC: If you have Pets, what you should know

Two key take-aways from this are:

  1. It is still safe to walk your dogs but probably best to not let people you don’t know hug them – try to maintain the same guidelines as we are all following with humans – avoid up close/personal contact.
  2. It is safe to bring your pets here to Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital. Our nurses and doctors are wearing masks, following strict protocols and we are closely monitoring the health of all staff. Pets would have to have long exposure to someone who is infected with this novel coronavirus to be able to transmit it. So do not worry! See below for more information on how we are ensuring your safety.

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital Takes ‘Georgia Safety Promise’

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital announced today that we are joining fellow businesses across the state in taking the Georgia Safety Promise. This safety campaign, initiated by the Governor’s office and by the Georgia Department of Public Health, is a simple agreement, made by both businesses and the public, to take basic steps to protect each other during COVID-19. These safety steps include promoting social distancing, wearing a face covering, cleaning surfaces, and washing and sanitizing hands.

PeachTree Hills Animal Hospital

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital is proud to join this public-private partnership program to do our part to create a safe environment for employees and customers and contribute to Georgia’s economic recovery.

The Georgia Safety Promise was established to not only support Georgia businesses as they reopen, but to reassure patrons that safety guidelines are being followed. The program is a special designation given to participating Georgia businesses who make the promise. The program also provides an opportunity to inspire residents to act in a socially responsible way for the good of all Georgians and to support local businesses as they recover from the economic effects of COVID-19.

The Georgia Safety Promise public-private partnership program is led by the Office of the Governor and includes the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Georgia Department of Public Health, Georgia Bankers Association, Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association, Georgia Retail Association, Georgia Restaurant Association, and Georgia NFIB. The campaign was developed based on recommendations from Kemp’s Coronavirus Task Force Economic Impact Committee, chaired by State Fiscal Economist Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman.

To join the pledge and learn more about the Georgia Safety Promise, visit

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