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We are open Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm, and Saturday 8am-12pm.



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Our myPetLink system allows you to view all your pet's medical records, request appointments online, manage prescription refills, access a library of medial articles and "how-to" videos for pet care, and download a phone app, among many other useful tools. Enjoy!

This is the back door into the PHAH pharmacy! If you are already set up with myPetLink, click here to go directly to your account and place orders or request a prescription refill.

* Please note: If you are a former Pet Portal user, and have not logged on since 01.07.14, you will need to create a new user name and password below, but all of your pet's history should be migrated over and reflected in your new account. Also, due to increased security for credit card protection, you will need to create another logon for online pharmacy ordering; however it may be the same user name and password as your myPetLink logon info.

  1. Our veterinary practice is independently run, and we feel this makes all the difference. It allows us to practice medicine without the production quotas or red tape of a franchise or conglomerate. We are not constrained by the rules and regulations of a larger franchised practice--we can make our own decisions and serve your best interest.
  2. We focus on both the animal and the owner. We get to know you and work to understand your unique family dynamic and that helps us give the best recommendations for your pet as well as your human family. We go beyond diagnosis and treatment of animals to explain disease, preventative measures, treatments and possible outcomes:surfboard dog
    • We offer advice and education on being the best parent to your animal
    • We are dedicated to helping you decipher all the confusing information that abounds when it comes to pet health and care
    • We aren’t pushy or “hard-sell” and we strive to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our services
  3. We approach veterinary care from a life-stage perspective. We try to map out the special considerations, needs and approaches by your animal’s age, from newborn to mid-life to hospice and end of life. Our goal is to extend and enhance the life of your precious pet.
  4. We combine the services of a day practice with a specialty hospital. We have everything under one roof—we are a one-stop shop for diagnostics, preventative and urgent care. For dental care and pharmacy. We have an inventory of the highest quality pet food. We communicate and educate our patients via a blog and an e-newsletter. This one-stop approach makes us the best value in town!

A Lifetime of Care for Pets and the People Who Love Them.

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital is an established and reputable family-owned veterinary practice in the heart of Atlanta, offering personalized, transparent and tailored care that considers both owner and pet including:

  • House calls
  • Early Morning Drop off servicefour dogs lg
  • Warm, friendly atmosphere
  • Cutting-edge medicine
  • Early detection
  • Leading board-certified specialists
  • Specialized and urgent care
  • Telemedicine

With ten veterinarians and a facility with top-of-the-line treatment areas, surgical suite and in-house lab and pharmacy, PHAH delivers expert care for every unique stage of your pet’s life.

We keep all your pet’s medical records in a central repository which allows us to consider the entire history and makes it easier to remind you when an annual exam or service is warranted.

Other features of our practice include:

  • Advanced Diagnostics (ultrasound, digital radiography, fecal exam, electrocardiogram, cytology, needle biopsy, blood screening)
  • Medical advancements such as Stem Cell Treatment
  • Paperless medical records computer system which allows us to seamlessly integrate all diagnostic work done on our patients
  • Bloodwork requests and results, surgical monitoring, and digital x-ray images are all linked to and fluidly entered into a patient's medical record
  • We offer my PET LINK, a private portal to manage your pet’s health online.

VideoTake a tour of Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital.

cat with water bottlePeachtree Hills Animal Hospital was a dream of mine for many years, which finally came to fruition in 2005. My goal was to practice high-quality medicine very close to home. I wanted to practice in the way I knew to best for both owners and pets. I did not want to be beholden to a corporate policy that encourages a "production" mentality with profit quotas and corporate rules and red tape.

My intention was and is to provide personalized and superior medical care while allowing a healthy work/family balance for our employees.

Our philosophy here at Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital takes a slightly different approach than many other hospitals. We believe that our focus should not be totally on the animal, but on what the owners are experiencing as well. The diagnosis and treatment of animals is a critical part of our job, but we must also thoroughly explain disease, treatments, and possible outcomes to you, the owner.

We are here to serve you with care, concern and honesty. However, we are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience at our hospital, so I encourage you to give us your feedback.

Thank you for your trust in us!

Dr. Duffy Jones

PHAH referral programREFER A FRIEND! The Referral Program at PHAH

There is no greater compliment to our practice than you recommending us to someone you know. We welcome the opportunity to provide referred clients the same quality medical care and customer service that you have come to expect from us.

Referrals are our most valuable resource for growing this practice, and we are proud that the majority of our clients came through a referral from a friend. As an expression of our appreciation for referrals we will apply a $50 credit to your PHAH account when a friend or family member becomes a new patient in our practice as a result of your referral!

Thanks for your vote of confidence!

50 dollar billAll of your friends at
Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital

Cat vaccines can be very confusing and the recommended schedule is based on the lifestyle of the cat. Cats that are kept indoors only do not require as many vaccines as those who go outside. The vaccine schedule can vary depending on each individual cat but here is our basic routine at Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital. They begin at 8 weeks.

Vaccine 8 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks
FVRCP Yes Yes Yes
FELV   Yes Yes
Rabies     Yes
Intestinal parasite exam (fecal) Yes   Yes if positive before

Which diseases do these vaccines treat?

  1. Rhinotracheitis (the R in FVRCP) - This is a herpes virus and is part of the "Upper Respiratory Complex".  It can cause fever, anorexia, sneezing, discharge from the nose and/or eyes and coughing. This virus will remain in a cat’s body for the rest of its life and later cause disease of the cornea or reoccurrence of other symptoms.  
  2. Calici (the C in FVRCP) - This is a calicivirus and is another part of the "Upper Respiratory Complex".  It can cause fever and ulcers on the tongue and mouth.
  3. Panleukopenia (the P in FVRCP) - Also referred to as "Feline Distemper", this disease is caused by a parvovirus.  This virus causes a significant decrease in white blood cells which are needed to fight off infection.  It can cause severe diarrhea, vomiting, anorexia and fever.  Cats that survive usually don't have any lasting problems. The virus is highly contagious and vaccination is an effective prevention.
  4. Feline Leukemia - The FELV vaccine is given at 12 weeks, boostered at 16 weeks and then boostered yearly as indicated. The Feline Leukemia virus affects the cat's bone marrow and therefore its ability to fight off infection. It can cause weight loss, gingivitis/stomatitis, lethargy, chronic infections (especially upper respiratory infections), fever and in some cases even lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes).  It is important to let us know whether or not your cat is going to be indoor or outdoor.  There is a 1 in 10,000 chance your cat will get an aggressive sarcoma tumor at the vaccine site.  If your cat is indoor-only, then there is a much less chance of getting FELV than the cancerous tumor.  Therefore this vaccine is NOT recommended for strictly indoor cats. If you are unsure, please discuss it with us. However, this vaccine is recommended for kittens because they have the highest chance of escaping your house and are also the most susceptible to FELV at a young age. Many times we do not continue this vaccine after their kitten vaccines.
  5. Rabies – this is our only vaccine that is regulated by the state and county. Rabies is a very serious disease transmitted by saliva either by bite wounds or saliva contact with open wounds.  Incubation from time of exposure to symptoms is usually 3-6 weeks but can be as long as 6 months.  It attacks brain cells and causes neurologic symptoms. Once an animal gets rabies it is always fatal.  Vaccination for rabies is required by state law for dogs and in many communities keeping cats up to date with the rabies vaccine is also required.


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